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US Merchant Systems (USMS) provides international merchant accounts and other E-Commerce services to nearly all types of businesses. A USMS Merchant Account will allow you to accept credit cards on your website, over the phone, through the mail, or at your local store.

US Merchant Systems

A merchant account is a necessity for almost anyone in business today. Many consumers prefer to use a credit card when making purchases because it is very convenient. Visa recently surpassed ONE BILLION cardholders around the globe totaling $1.6 trillion in card volume.

Whatever your current major marketplace happens to be, accepting credit cards and ATM cards is essential tor today's businesses:

Existing Businesses

Over 20 million brick-and-mortar locations accept credit cards. Many of these locations are paying too much for their merchant account that they established years ago with their local bank. A USMS account could save them money and provide them with even better service.

If an existing business is not currently accepting credit cards they should be. By accepting credit cards business owners benefit from increased sales because statistics show customers spend more when they use a credit card than when they pay with cash or check. A merchant account can also save the business owner money because not all checks clear the bank.

Millions of merchants have magnetic swipe equipment that will soon be obsolete due to the introduction of new "Smart" card technology. This represents a huge opportunity to show merchants why they need to upgrade their equipment and be ready for this new "Smart" card revolution.

New Businesses

Each year thousands of new businesses are launched. Most of these businesses will need a merchant account. Merchant account sales are directly related to the number of new businesses that are opening. Where in the history of this planet have you seen so many new businesses opening as you see now in cyberspace?

Internet Businesses

Thousands of new web sites are launched everyday. Surveys show that 53% of all businesses plan on doing business over the Internet in the next 3-5 years. Bill Gates was quoted as saying that in the next 3-5 years you will either be doing business over the Internet or you will be out of business.

Most people do not know this, but to sell online you need a special type of merchant account that permits Internet transactions. This means if you currently have a merchant account for your retail store and you want to start selling online you must get a new merchant account for your Internet transactions.

Home-based Businesses

Millions of people are involved in some type of a home-based business ranging from direct sales to consulting to some type of service and repair business. In many instances these home-based businesses also need merchant accounts.

International Businesses

International merchant accounts have traditionally been very difficult and costly to obtain. USMS has made it possible for both new and existing businesses around the world to obtain a merchant account at an affordable price. International merchant accounts represent an exciting, leading-edge opportunity for businesses outside the US.

Traditionally merchant accounts have been difficult to obtain unless you were a brick-and-mortar retail business. New businesses, Internet businesses and home-based businesses are often rejected by local banks. USMS is able to approve these types of businesses and has an amazing 97% approval rate.


  1. MORE SALES - Studies have shown that it may increase sales by as much as 50% or more.
  2. BIGGER SALES - The average credit card user spends 2.5 times as much as cash buyers.
  3. CASH FLOW - You'll receive your money faster than waiting for a check or money order.
  4. IMPULSE BUYERS - Buyers feel more freedom to make unplanned purchases.
  5. ENHANCED CREDIBILITY - Clients view your ability to accept credit cards as valuable credibility.
  6. HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS - Credit card customers are typically less concerned with price differences.
  7. COMPETITIVE EDGE - Card users tend to seek out businesses that accept cards over those that do not.
  8. INTERNET STRATEGY - Credit cards are the predominant and safest method of payment over the internet.

Visit our Internet Merchant Account provider, MerchantSystems.com, and fill out a quick application. Tell us a little about your business and our professional USMS sales support team will quickly follow up on your request, answer your questions and get your new USMS merchant account opened within just a few business days for most accounts.

US Merchant Systems

MerchantSystems.com - US Merchant Systems

US Merchant Systems

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